Young Author Night

Our school had their annual Young Author/Young Artist night this week. All of the classes have been creating their own books to display at this event. It is so much fun to watch their writing and thinking progress through the grades! My kids have been working so hard to write and illustrate their own stories too. This year, their stories were based off of the Laura Numeroff and Felicia Bond “If you give…” books. I love this series, as it teaches cause and effect, circular text, alliteration, and so much more. Plus, the books are a riot! My kiddos definitely hit a creative sweet spot with their stories. I mean check out some of these titles!

Β IMG_9299

Their illustrations are pretty rockin’ too! We have a rule that they must use as many colors as they are years old. (ie-5 years old must use 5 or more colors). I am just blown away by their creativity! This year, we also decided to add a mini-autobiography to our books, rather than just an about the author page. They turned out amazing! I’m so proud of my kiddos hard work! Check out some of these pages:

IMG_5128 copy




What a fun keepsake this will be for them (and their parents) for years to come!

If you are interested in doing this mini-autobiography with your class, you can download it in my TPT store here:

All About Me Book



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