A Community of Helpers

Week three of the TpT Seller Challenge is well under way. This week, our goal was to create our own masterpiece. I have been working on this Community Helpers unit throughout June. And I just kept making it bigger, and bigger, and bigger, because I don’t really like editing and was procrastinating on it (anyone able to empathize with me?!). Usually, I have a small editorial team consisting of: 1)My sweet co-teacher, but she just got married, AND 2) My hysterical kinders who get a kick out of finding my mistakes (we all love being smarter than the teacher). But, at the moment, my little editorial staff was out of commission.Community Helpers Unit

I’m going to be real with ya’ll…I just had the best of luck!Β  Randomly, I decided to ask on a Facebook group if anyone was interested in editing this unit for me, and I was blown.away. Not only by the response, but by the quality of people who offered their help! To me. A stranger! These ladies are awesome! I am so grateful!

Seriously, Ladies, you.are.awesome. Thank you, thank you!

Erin at Kindergarten Dragons

Deirdre at Mrs. Garcia’s Super Scholars

And Traci at The Bender Bunch

They were so kind in their encouragement to me and gave such great feedback! They caught some wording and formatting errors that I probably never would have caught. (You know how sometimes, things make sense in your head, but don’t really come across correctly to others? No, it’s just me who struggles with this? Probably.)

205+ pages of community helper themed activities!

205+ pages of community helper themed activities.

This is the first unit I have made and posted without first teaching it. But I will be teaching it in September and I’m so excited to already have it done and ready for back to school. (I will be working to prep it later this week and will update this post on how I use centers in my class them.) It always seems like the beginning of the year is so crazy, it will be really nice to not have to think about planning anything major for this unit. We will cap it off with a field trip to a bakery and a police officer visit to our classroom. It will be a fun beginning of the year!

As part of the Make your Masterpiece celebration, I have this unit in my store for 50% off for the first 24 hours. Go check it out by clicking the picture below or by clicking here.

Community Helpers

I also made a little freebie preview, because who doesn’t love freebies?! You can check it out by clicking the picture below or by clicking here.

Community Helpers Unit Sneak Peek freebie!Oh friends, I have so much more to say, but lil’ man just work up from his nap, and following my “no working while he is awake” summer rule, I’m off to play with him! Have a beautiful Thursday!



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