Mother’s Day Silhouettes

I dream of being that creative Pinterest teacher. You know the one-everything is always in order, every art project is created with intricate details as if created by an angel, but let’s be real…that’s just not me. As much as I try, I’m just not there. And I have very abstract students who are very good at putting their own touch on things. So I like projects that a little abstract means a lot of extra beautiful.

They go perfectly with our Plant and Flower Units in the spring and it becomes a beautiful keepsake for moms to treasure!

Mother's Day Silhouettes

Here’s how we make them. We start with a piece of construction paper. I like to type my kiddos names on the bottom, but it’s not really necessary. You could also have them take a Sharpie and write their own name on the bottom.

Then we take 2 crayons-a darker and lighter shade, picking one for the center of our flowers and one for the petals. We draw 3 circles: one on the bottom middle, and two near the corners. (For the final step, it’s important that their flowers are not all in the middle.)

We color in our flowers. Some kids do a darker color for the border of the flower, some do it with the lighter color. It’s their art, I give them ideas, but the put in their own creative touches.

Mother's Day Silhouettes

Mother's Day SilhouettesMother's Day SilhouettesWhen we are done, I let the kids pick out a new color to fill in the remaining white space. And here is what you are left with. Aren’t they beautiful?

Mother's Day SilhouettesNow, we could stop there, but that’s no fun. Next, I take a picture of them from the side and print it on generic copy paper. (I don’t want to show my student’s face, so I apologize for not having a picture of this step. Mother's Day Silhouettes

I place the picture of the student on top of black construction paper and cut along the outline of the face. When done, it looks something like this:

Mother's Day SilhouettesI use plain stick glue to glue that silhouette to the flowers from earlier. And viola! A beautiful, one of a kind gift mom’s will treasure (I hope!).

Mother's Day Silhouettes I usually purchase frames from the Dollar Tree to put these in to make it just that much nicer. But that can be expensive for sure! We wrap them up in tissue paper and string and send them home for our moms!

Mother's Day Silhouettes_5144I have yet to have this project disappoint! What is your “Go-To” Mother’s Day gift?



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