I have been teaching kindergarten for the last five years, and every year my kids are so sad that they cannot learn cursive. It’s not that I want to be the mean ogre teacher, it’s just that we have to master print first to scaffold to cursive. (I used to teach D’Nealian to kinders, and it just didn’t work. They need ball and stick first, before moving to the fancy lines, but I digress).

This year; however, I’m teaching a 3rd/4th blend, and I get to teach cursive! I might actually be more excited than my students! Problem was, I did not have any cursive resources. At the school I was at before, we used Handwriting Without Tears (which I love!), but I just could not shell out $4.50 per workbook for 30 kids!

So {naturally}, I made my own curriculum. And this is what I came up with.

Cursive Packet Preview.001

Because I don’t want to be managing each worksheet as it comes in (seriously, ain’t got no time for that!), I designed it to become a workbook. As I finish constructing this week, my kids are already calling dibs on what color they want (and begging for when we can start!).

Cursive Packet Preview.002

I tried to include a variety of practice pages so that this book can be used throughout the school year. These include uppercase and lowercase letter practices, uppercase and lowercase word practice, paragraph writing practice, blank free-write papers, and some search and graph papers.

Cursive Packet Preview.003

Each section also has a divider which could easily have a sticky note attached for an easy search. FullSizeRender

When all is said and done, there are about 140 total pages ready to be assembled into book. I included both a boy an a girl cover option. I printed the cover on colored card stock and used the same color as a back to the book. This makes it a little more durable, and the kids love getting to pick out their color!


As always, these pages could also be used as stand-alone worksheets and not assembled into a book!Cursive Packet Preview.004

Do you still teach cursive at your school? What is your opinion on teaching cursive? Do you think it is valuable, or a thing of the past?

Thanks for reading!



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